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Foolish Fabrications

More foolish biological experiments

Media: Paper collage, digital transparencies, plexi


Pairing high-tech from 1842 with a contemporary approach

Media: Cyanotype Collage

Transparent Characters

Layered images, biological conundrums, questionable characters

Media: Paper collage, digital transparencies, plexi

Chimera 2D

Chimera (ky-mair-uh):
1. A collection of two or more genetically different species in one body.

Media: Digital collage transparencies in petri dishes, Collage on color-aid paper

Chimera 3D

Fanciful or foolish fabrications

Media: Assemblages of found and manufactured objects


Garden reconfigured, self similarity, floating collages and engineered beasts

Media: Mixed media , site specific

Biological Entities

Biological entities in black and white. Dreaming of spores and other demons.

Media: Media: paper collage


Observers, watchers, worriers. Stage sets with mysterious players.

Media: Media: paper collage


Radiographs, visionary rumors and quantum questions.

Media: paper collage, radiographs, light box, acetate, digital

Beauty and Beast

Beauty and beast, virtue and virus. Rich and strange couplings.

Media: paper collage, van dyke print, colored plexi


Creatures hoarding, listening, stirring. Animals and icons. Saviors of the planet.

Media: Media: paper collage


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