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“Victoria Skinner’s collages are glowing and mysterious, like bejeweled shadow boxes replete with fantastic and bizarre treasures…At the heart of her collages is this compelling visual metamorphosis. It’s a change from a recognizable place recorded by photography to a unique place suffused with fantasy and dream. …The transformation she works on these bits of other things becomes a metaphor for the alchemy- and risks- of art itself.”

- Elisa Turner - "New Art Examiner"

“For this artist, who trolls the subconscious for her own psychic version of the found object, people and creatures are constantly in the process of alchemic fusion…..formally, it is exquisitely constructed.”

- Elisa Turner - "The Miami Herald"

“Skinner’s seamless collages marry the spirit of Max Ernst to the chills and thrills of contemporary life. Her images are vexing, posing moments of foolish terror and terrible foolishness, wherein whole eggs in the sky and a ghoul charging a mask on a stick have you rooting for the bad guy.”

- Helen Kohen - "The Miami Herald"

“The small stage-like collage scenarios by Victoria Skinner are thoroughly engaging. They cast fanciful animals in mysterious narratives set within tight, compelling spaces. Compression, augmented by sequences of patterned borders adds to the impact, and combinations of recognizable and strange elements add to the sense of dislocation.”

- Phyllis Branff - "New York Times"

“Some of the most fantastic come from artist Victoria Skinner. Using print material, she creates weird hybrid creatures. These men-fish-insects often appear in chambered, claustrophobic spaces. Set in some netherworld of the imagination, the work is odd, yet rather humorous….”

- Gary Schwan - "Palm Beach Post"

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